Personal Accountability (A is for Action) :

ACTION ~ Against The Odds

It doesn’t matter if someone has a vast track record, if they do something new, innovative, or cutting edge and it goes against the status quo, people hate on it.

Until it blows up, then its awesome and they’re brilliant. It happens to billionaires down to junior high students.

If you walk away from the crowd people start to hate, but genius cannot occur with an audience.

Next time you find yourself saying, "that’s dumb, it’ll never work, what are they thinking," just stop.

We have electricity, air planes, cars, color television, e-books, wireless connections, cell phones, indoor plumbing, weaves, contact lenses, microwaves, washing machines, the Internet and so much more.

The Moral of the story is:

Allow Market Disruptors, Geniuses & Hustlers to do what we do! We take Action in spite of the odds being overwhelmingly stacked against us! And then the rest of the world benefits immensely!

Dr. Donna

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