Dr. Donna’s Dictionary

I created Dr. Donna’s Dictionary to use terms that supports your Turn Around.

Here are a few to get you started:

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this? You feel completely confident about a major decision that you’ve made, then all of a sudden, a trusted confidant comes along and begins to tell you ALL of the reasons why it’s, “Not gonna work.” You my darling are in the presence of a Worry Whisperer.

#Strategic Advice: The Turn Around is about being Loser Free and Becoming Your Best! A Worry Whisperer is NEVER going to change, they will always find a way to deflate and spread their hate. The good news is that, you DO NOT have to stick around to listen to even one syllable that they utter. So, the next time a Worry Whisperer prepares to speak, simply gather your belongings and leave them right where they belong in loserville.

Ever heard the saying, “Listen to what people do?”

The truth is, lots of folks can talk a good game! Only a small select few are great and can actually win the game. Because the only true way to win is by doing the work consistently, and that’s something a faworker will never do.

So, What’s My Point?

If there are people in your life or in your business that has few to zero W’s, but talks a lot, about how much they’ve done and are going to do, they are most certainly a Faworker.

#StrategicAdvice: The Faworkers in your life and business have two options, Get Busy or Get Going. Why? Because faworkers are bench warmers and you will never win, with a bench full of Faworkers!

Excuseologist are losers in disguise, you’ll know them by the trail of excuses that they leave wherever they go.

#StrategicAdvice: Kick those sorry suckers to the curb at the next red light. #THEYGOTTAGO

Does any of this sound familiar…

I have been hustling!

I have been on the grind out here…

I been in the studio…

“You know I hit the gym everyday!”

“We got some projects in the works…”

I like to refer to this as L.O.D.

You see, Dudmuffins talk a really good game. They’re so good they actually start believing their own hype. There’s just one teeny tiny ity bity problemo…

#StrategicAdvice: Always, Always, Always listen to what they do because actions ALWAYS speak much louder than the Language of a Dudmuffin.

Talkapreneurs are the people at NOTWERKING events that have a crowd of newbies around them attentively listening, while they explain how to start up and run a business, “the right way.”

There’s just one problem…When you ask what business are they currently in, they are in fact,“inbetween businesses right now.

Why, you may ask?

“Because they’re flushing somethings out from their last business.”

#StrategicAdvice: Next time a talkapreneur starts talking, you Turn Around and start walking, because talking the talk, just leads to more talk.

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That’s My Time…

Ladies and Gentlemen, just remember to use these Turn Around Terms to Lose the Loser and Become Your Best!

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