Personal Accountability (E is for Effective) :

Effective: Manipulation & Control

You will never be effective when you have losers in an organization.

The truth is Losers make excuses to manipulate and control you. It’s their way to do as little as possible, while you do all the work.

Once the work is completed, they either criticize what you’ve done, or they take full credit for your work.

To know if you’re being manipulated or controlled by losers look for phrases like:

"Wow, I didn’t get much sleep can you..."

"I wish I was as smart as you, would you..."

"You’re so good at ____________ can you help me with _________."

"You know I hard it harder than you growing up so, I would but..."

Then you do the work…

"Oh wow thanks, you could have..."

"You did a great job, I’ll take it from here."

"Thanks, next time could add..."

"See I knew yours would work, I’ll let you know how it goes."

"See what happens when we work together."

"Don’t we make a great team."

"See that’s why I keep you around."

My Final Thought

Losers put you in the front seat of an emotional roller coaster, designed to keep you off balance, so you are dizzy and can’t see them for who they really are. All the while they’re getting exactly what they want and you don’t even get what you need.

You and your people will be effective Once you take a hard stance and lose the losers!

Dr. Donna

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