How to Create Content Using The Days of the Week


Do you find it challenging to post daily on social media?

Well, here’s the Real Leader Recipe to get you posting daily.

Attach what you do, or what you want to present to the Days of the Week.

Step 1: Develop the topic for each day. Here’s an example.

  1. Make It Happen Monday.
  2. Teach It Tuesday.
  3. What Works Wednesday.
  4. Thinking Cap Thursday.
  5. Face Your Fears Friday.
  6. Seek It Out Saturday.
  7. Set It Up Sunday.

Step 2: Create a post for each topic, it can be a still graphic, an animated graphic or video. (Get as creative as you’d like).

Step 3: Start posting once you’ve created seven posts.

Step 4: Create a new post daily. This will ensure that you always have 7 posts ready to go so that, you can continue to post daily without the pressure of needing content to post.

Content Creation Tips: Use the content creation functions within the social media apps. Use free or low cost creation apps like Canva, Picsart, Unfold, KineMaster and YouCut. Start out with simple designs and simple content messages. Keep content under 60-Seconds. Stay focused on your brand, not what’s trending.

My Final Thoughts: Posting daily is possible when you follow this Real Leader Recipe. Remember that your best is in your daily! AND it’s progress not perfection.

Dr. Donna

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