Personal Accountability (I is for Innovate) :


How does the word “Innovate,” make you feel?

It makes me feel excited.

It means that I get to create something that does not exist, or I get to improve something that needs it.

Believe it or not, most people believe that they can’t innovate.

You know what it’s simply not true.

Take a look around you and see where there was a problem and you found a way to solve it. That’s innovation!

Think about a time when you were low on cash and needed something essential in life, you found a way to make it happen. That’s innovation!

You see you the only thing you need to innovate is your mind.


What’s stopping you from innovating more often?

Your mind.

So, if all you need is your mind to innovate, and your mind is stopping you from innovating, what’s the solution?

Innovate Often!

You see the more you innovate, the more you mold your mind into innovating.

Start right now, take a situation that has been less fluid than you liked and use your mind to innovate a solution to make it more fluid.

Then rinse and repeat, more and more!

You see, life’s issues and obstacles were not designed to stop your mind. They exist to train your mind to innovate.

I’ll leave you with this mantra: “Don’t Hesitate, Do Innovate!”

Dr. Donna

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