It’s Time to Stop Checking the Box!

Dr. Donna Thomas-Rodgers
1 min readMay 14, 2021
60 Second Strategy — It’s Time to Stop Checking the Box!

It’s easy to check the box.

It’s easy to make your business look like a business.

It’s easy to look like a business owner.

None of that is why you started a business.

You started a business for one of the following “Makes.”

  1. Make it Better
  2. Make it Cheaper.
  3. Make an Impact.
  4. Make a Difference.
  5. Make a Buck.

None of these “Makes" makes being a business owner “Easy.”

You know what nothing great ever came from easy or checking a box. In fact most things that were easy to check or acquire usually end up stuck or stored somewhere in a box.

My Final Thought

Review your “Make” daily so that you don’t make the mistake of checking a box.

Dr. Donna

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