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Own Your Choices

How’d you get to where you are in your life?

The answer is simple: Your Choices.

Every choice that you made is the sum of your current lot in life.

Now, when I tell most people this they are not all to pleased with me, and that’s okay, because wanting the best for others sometimes requires them growing through being displeased with their truth.

Why would I tell someone that their life “currently,” is all of their choices bundled into now?

Because if you do not accept that it’s your choices that got you here, you cannot take responsibility for you choices getting you to your best.

Lots of terrible people, places, things and experiences have come and exited my life. Lots of great people, place, things and experiences have come and exited my life. I own every last one of those choices that accompanied ALL of them. All of which bundled together has led me to this current moment.

After 47 years what I know for certain is that, the best can only come to you, when you accept ALL that it takes to acquire it.

Once you’ve accepted ALL of your choices, you can use them as life lessons, tools and fuel to create the future, that brings out the best in you.

I challenge you to take 7-days and really accept ALL of your choices. Then move forward. You’ll find that navigating to your best becomes simple when, you own your past, present and future choices.

My Final Thoughts

You can choose to breeze on by and act as if you never read this article. Just know that the next time you attempt to say “I didn’t have a choice” you’ll know that deep down inside that, you did…

Dr. Donna

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