Read A Book in a Week!

Dr. Donna Thomas-Rodgers
1 min readDec 1, 2022


The average person reads one non-fiction Book a year.

I’ve recently started my 9th annual Book Challenge and each year I encourage you to read more than one book per year.

Here’s the Real Leader Recipe to read a book in one week.

  1. Select a Non-fiction Book.
  2. Divide the total page count by the number seven.
  3. Read that amount of pages daily.
  4. Finish one non-fiction Book in one week.


  1. Select a book that is 200 pages or less.
  2. Select a topic that interest you.
  3. Break the daily pages into increments of time, or pair it with something that you do daily like eating meals.
  4. Give yourself a “read by time,” for example, read all of the pages by 8:00pm daily.
  5. Get a reading buddy and discuss what you’ve read daily with each other.

My Final Thoughts…

Applied knowledge gives you the ability to become your best. The more you know, the more you grow and that’s the Real Leader Way Fo' Show!

Dr. Donna

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