Personal Accountability (B is for Behave) :

What you do and what you say is how you behave.

That means it’s both: Do and Say, they go together like PBJ.

You don’t get to do one thing and then say another. That would produce unbalanced behavior.

If you say that you are going to arrive on time, then you must do what it takes to arrive on time.

If you say that you are a reliable person, then you must do what it takes to be a reliable person.

Most people problems that occur are the direct result of an unbalanced, “Do and Say.” The person or people have turned the “and” into an “or.”

This “or” has ruined many lives, families businesses, and a lot of ships, relationships, friendships, partnerships, just to name a few.

Daily Personal Accountability means that your “Do and Say” match. It means that how you behave is balanced. In order for everyone in your life to become their best, their “Do and Say,” must match. That’s every day, all day, year-after-year. Is that clear?

Dr. Donna

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Dr. Donna Thomas-Rodgers

Learn how to become your best by holding yourself personally accountable daily.