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Who Are You Following…

This Question is simple: “Who Are You Following?”

The Next Question is: “Why Are You Following Them?

The Final Question: “Is following them bringing out the best, or the worst in you?”

Now, for some of you reading this, going through the list(s)of people you’re following will be daunting and you will never answer the questions above because you’re following soooooooooooooooooo many people time simply won’t allow you to assess everyone. You need to remove people first and then you can answer the questions.

Oh what’s that you say, “How many need to be removed?” The Real Leader answer is 90%.

Now, for those of you who can actually review your list(s), schedule a day within the next week and ask yourself the three questions above.

What you’ll find is that at one point following them made sense for you and now it no longer does. As a result you’ll be pruning as you review.

Of course, there will be people and organizations that you continue to follow because they are adding value to you becoming your best.

What Do You Do Going Forward?

Before you follow anyone new ask yourself, “Is this person or organization going to contribute to me becoming my best?” If the answer is “yes,” then follow them. If the answer is “no,” don’t follow them.

My Final Thoughts

Your follows are your choice. It means that you are giving time to the person or the organization. Time, which can never be restored or renewed. As a result it’s time to Start adding value to your follows. Rank them less than your faith and higher than your money. Because that which you are connected to is sending you energy, negative or positive. When you make the chocie to follow you are deciding which one you’d like to receive.

Dr. Donna

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