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Who Moved My Cheese?

I have read Who Moved My Cheese every year for the last 6-years. I have recorded a book review after reading it each time. Here are All six of the book reviews.

1 ~ 100 in 1: To Watch CLICK HERE.

2 ~ 50/50: To Watch CLICK HERE.

3 ~ Mo’ 50: To Watch CLICK HERE.

4 ~ Fifty- Too: To Watch CLICK HERE.

5 ~ Five: To Watch CLICK HERE.

6 ~ Six: To Watch CLICK HERE.

My Top Six Take-A-Ways:

  1. Laugh at your mistakes!
  2. The difference between Stinky Cheese (Fixed Mindset) and Fresh Cheese (Growth Mindset)!
  3. BIG Change!
  4. Keep moving that Cheese!
  5. Fear of Change!
  6. Embrace Change!

My Final Thoughts

I believe that you can learn from anything. And yes, you can read the same book multiple times and learn NEW lessons. What I know for sure is that, change is going to happen with or without your consent. The best course of action is to embrace it, whether it’s big or small, on purpose, or by accident. Life is about the experience and the only way to gain more experience is by A.B.C. Always Be Changing.

Dr. Donna

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