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I used to conduct workshops for business owners and at the beginning I would inform them that the root word for workshops is “Work,” and anyone not prepared to do so could leave at the first break. Yes there were always ones that left.

The problem is that most people want results but they don’t want to exert the real effort to get there. I like to refer to this group as the Liposuckers. They want all the fat gone with minimum recovery time.

If you want to become and sustain being a REAL Leader is takes daily effort to get there and more effort to remain there. Why, because your best is a moving target as the world changes and grows you need to do so as well. The effort expended last year will not get you through this year. You must contiue to A.B.I. (Always Be Improving).

Now most people are challenged by this way of life. Because there is no “lull” time, no comfort sancuarary or downtime. Effort occurs daily, so does, progress, growth, fulfillment, getting smarter and becoming your best in more areas of your life, career and business.

I gotta be honest with you, effort is one of the main reasons that I have a multi-step client selection process. Most people give up before step two (liposuckers A.K.A Losers). They want me to get rid of the fat they acquired through years of immediate gratification. Well I am not a medical doctor. I have a doctorate in Leadership. My role is to provide the resources for the few that want to become their best, to hold themselves personally accountable to accomplish that goal. Yes it requires daily effort as do all great legacies.

Most people want effortless. The good news is that REAL Leaders AREN’T Most People.

Dr. Donna

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